About Us

Bringing Steak Closer to You

With the motto of creating rich time and space rooted in the community, we strive to cultivate a fun and attractive town together with everyone.

The Steak Library is a steakhouse run by a long-standing meat dealer with over 23 years of experience. Founder Kengo has been supplying the highest quality meat to restaurants throughout the United States for many years. With a passion for meat and a professional eye, Kengo has partnered with numerous carefully selected ranches. His goal was to increase people’s smiles by offering the best meat possible. One day, Kengo decided to open a steakhouse where they could offer their best meat directly to customers. At that time, he also drew on his experience at the Tamaen yakiniku restaurant to further develop meat culture. And so, The Steak Library was born. At The Steak Library, you can enjoy the highest quality Japanese beef, carefully selected Black Angus beef, and Australian beef chosen by the discerning eye of a meat dealer with over 23 years of experience. Every meat is selected by Kengo himself, pursuing both safety and deliciousness. The restaurant’s interior is a modern space full of luxury, perfect for special occasions or dates. The chef is a meat specialist who charms customers with cooking techniques that bring out the maximum flavor of the meat. In addition, the staff strives to provide the best hospitality to customers and make their time comfortable.

Moreover, drawing on the experience gained at the Tamaen yakiniku restaurant, The Steak Library also offers the taste and enjoyment of yakiniku at a steakhouse. The technology and passion of a meat dealer with over 23 years of experience can reach customers through the best steak. In the future, The Steak Library will continue to pursue the best meat to see the smiles of our customers.